Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Darlenes sweet desert cottage

I have known Darlene for a couple of years now, however it was just this summer that I was able to get to know her and she has since become a very dear friend of mine. Around town she was rumored to be an incredible decorator, and I asked her if she would mind if I came over and took some pictures for my blog. She agreed and was gracious and welcoming. The rumors were true! Her home is all at once charming, darling and delightful. With walls the palest-fairy-wing-green and cranberry-red, and accents of both throughout. She effortlessly mixes antiques with new furnishings, and arranges cherished family heirlooms in a simple yet creative and fresh way. I was absolutly charmed by her beautiful home. Now I need to get her over here to work on my house....

Is this THE most beautiful bed you have ever seen? I love the simplicity and height.


The bright red mirror makes a gorgeous focal point in the master bathroom.

The charming guest bedroom.

A sweet mix of vintage prints and antique photographs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a beautiful contrast the fairy-wing-green and the cranberry-red walls make.

Shelves and even windows are made into displays.

Cozy, charming and delightful.

I love how she groups like colors together.

Isn't this color beautiful?

What time is it? It's time to paint your walls red!

I love the angle that the books are at. I plan on trying this myself.
The watch in the glass dome belonged to Darlenes husbands father, the crystal cracked so to protect it from dust, she placed it here.

This precious teddy belongs to Darlenes husband, it was his when he was a child.

A great way to add some charm to a doorway.

Antique china plates with the same color scheme.

How suprising and sweet to see a picture of two lovers tucked between a pair of teapots.

I love to see cherished family pictures, they make the diffrence between a house and a home.

Time worn and well loved, vintage sugar and creamer and silver spoons.

Cups and spoons ready for a tea party.

This chair was found at a yard sale where the lady selling it explained that her father had had carved it. WHY would you sell this treasure?

Oh how I love red checks! I am crazy about this chair! The red accents throughout the home are just right! Red can be overwhelming, but not here!

Darlene did some decorating work for a friend who had these chairs stored in her garage. When the friend wanted to repay her, she suggested giving these instead. She had them reupholstered in this darling fabric and when the friends husband saw how well they turned out, he actually wanted them back! Too late!

A beloved photograph framed within a frame.
I love that she dosen't use things that necessarily match, but they all somehow come together...

Notice how the books are arranged with some facing forward and some facing back to show off the clasps?

From the letters artfully tucked behind the sugar pot , to the dried flowers nestled in the creamer, every object has a special meaning or sentimental value. I am encouraged to bring out my little treasures to display. What good are they hidden in an old trunk or locked away in a drawer?

Displaying books both horizontally and vertically is a better use of space as well as adding visual interest.

Look at the tarnished silver teapots, they are even more beautiful like this!
Everything looks sweeter with a vintage ribbon tied in a bow...

Treasures are to be found in every nook and cranny. What a charming way to display a set of vintage keys.

A collection of antique umbrellas sits by the front door, while a doggy door keeper stands on guard.

A display both charming and useful sits in the entrance to greet you. Darlene is a master at mixing the new and the old, and the fresh and the vintage, very similar to her friendships. I was inspired by her beautiful home and darling displays throughout, and am sure you enjoyed the tour of her desert cottage as much as I did. A special thanks to my dear friend and decorator extrodinaire Darlene. Until the next post, love, Jodi