Saturday, October 2, 2010

Melted Fabric Flowers

Thats right! MELTED fabric flowers! This is just about the funnest craft ever! I saw this on another blog the day before our churches womens retreat and just HAD to try it out. I couldn't wait until I got home, so when my friend Ellen (Another super talented friend of mine) and I were running an errand that weekend, I stopped by a Joannes Fabric store and picked up some fabric to try it out. I then spent the afternoon melting fabric over a tiny candle in my room. I think I actually got high off the fumes...Anyway, here are the instructions, I will post a pic of the flowers for you to see the final product.You will need:
silk or synthetic fabric (I used lining)
a candle
long handled tweezers
various jars and lids for circle patterns
at least 6 circles of various sizes cut from fabric
After cutting circles of fabric, cut slits into the circles but not all the way to the center.Hold circle of fabric one at a time over flame from candle (Use the tweezers for the smaller circles) until edges begin to shrivel up and warp. After all the circles have been melted to your satisfaction, attach with a safety pin or a dot of hot glue to form a flower. Each one will turn out diffrently. You can then make a hair accesory or pin out of your flower. Send me of pic of the final project! I can't wait to see how they turn out!Have fun. And expect to have a burned finger or two. Oh, and I would highly (No pun intended) recomend a well ventilated area for this project.

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